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Japanese Pokka Pokka Jelly Drink

Pokka Pokka Jelly Drink by Angie Quidim

Flavors Apple, Grapefruit, Grape

Manufacturer Pokka (Japan)

Available in most Japanese or Asian markets

Website:Pokka Corporation

I have to admit what caught my eye first was the small cute metal can and the graphics.  I was curious on how this little drink that seemed to taste.  The can weighed a bit when i picked it up off the shelf.  Much to my surprise it was really cold.  I read the english on the bottle and it said grape jelly drink.   

Here is a video by Mark Van Hoorn that demonstrates what this product looks like 

It may not look appetizing but I assure you on a hot summer day this drink is killer. Out of the can, depending on the flavor , the beverage may be a light yellow or purple color.  Alone this beverage is really sweet, but not the artificial kind of sweet.  It has the natural sweet taste of grape, apple or grapefruit.  This beverage must be served cold. Just remember that when serving the beverage you may need to shake the can a little to loosen the beverage so it will pour out completely.  Do not serve this warm.  The jelly begins to turn into a slurry and the look of it will turn off most people.  Overall its definitely a try.  

If you’ve tried it before or have a video you’d like to share about Pokka Jelly drink let us know!


One response

  1. Tim

    First thing I tried out of a vending machine in Tokyo. And promptly spit it out. Not because of the flavor, but the texture is what freaked me out.

    December 13, 2008 at 1:27 am

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