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Mala Kaliki Maka Jones Holiday Soda 2008

Mala Kaliki Maka Jones Soda by Angie Quidim

Manufactured by Jones Soda Company

Website: Jones Soda Company

Mala Kaliki Maka is one of Jones’ new flavors for the Christmas Holiday.  Packaged in the familiar red and green framed unique photo that random people send into the company, the liguid looks like their Lemonade or Monster Mojito flavor.  It is a pale translucent white color that looks harmless.  

As for the taste, do not drink this warm. It leaves an unpleasant artificial aftertaste that would make any sugar junkie gag.  On ice or chilled, this drink tastes like a nice pina colada.  It has a slight hint of pineapple but a definite coconut overtone.  It’s like a Cactus Cooler with bubble gum aftertaste.

Here is a taste test we did of some people trying the soda.




It is a different taste for Jones but one that is not too out of the ordinary, like their Turkey Gravy soda. This soda is avaialble in four pack containers for about $3.99 at most beverage retailers that carry the Jones brand.  I find most of these at my local Target or Bevmo.  

Overall I gave this one a thumbs up.  It isn’t going to be around for long and this taste is worth having more than just your casual one time buy.

If you’ve tried it before or have a video you’d like to share about Mala Kaliki Maka Jones Soda, let us know!


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