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Jones Chanukah Soda 4 Pack


By Angie Quidimhappychanukahpak


Jones has released a special four pack of Jones Soda Chanukah flavors. Each pack includes a bottle of Latke flavor, Apple Sauce, Chocolate Coins, and Jelly Doughnut. Kosher and definitely a new stretch for the Jones company, Each one of these flavors is unique in its own special way. Now you can sit in front of your menorah  having some Latke Soda and play the dreidel.
The Latke Soda is a buttery potato like flavor with bubbles.  It reminds me of the Mashed potato soda in previous releases of the Thanksgiving Jones pack. Almost golden clear in color this soda will turn some heads.
Chocolate Coins
The Chocolate Coins tastes like chocolate soda.  It seemed unusually flat but that can be attributed to the shaking during delivery.  The color simulates one of Coke; dark brown and syrupy. 
Apple Sauce
This beverage amber in color is just like apple soda.  Not a stretch to Jones to make this flavor and the taste is not to far from its famous Green Apple soda.
Jelly Donut
If you crave sweet sweet sugary donut, look no further.  A fruit punch red color makes this drink look thick and the taste brings forth the image of the  inside of this sugary confection. 
A must try and gift this holiday season!  For the innovation Jones gets the medium high evo-factor. We rate this product 6 out of 10 for its creativity.  We didn’t give it a higher rating because it seems like flavors are being renamed to fit the holiday season.  

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