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Manufacturer: Zest-O Corporation
Website: http://www.zesto.com.ph/zesto_products_4.php
Review Rating: 7 out of 10
Reviewed by: Jay Quidem

Started in May 1981, you will be hard pressed to find any of the Zest-O products at your average supermarket.  Based exclusively in the Philippines, most products manufactured stay on the island, and are only shipped to a few dozen Asian supermarkets, 99 Ranch Market being the higher percentage.  Those of you unfamiliar with Zest-O will be surprised to learn that other than the variety of drinks they produce, they also have a stake in the personal care industry with their “Beam: Mighty Mint” toothpaste.

Now the question remains, can a company who makes toothpaste make a sweet and delicious drink?

Focusing on one particular set of drinks; the Zest-O Fruit Soda series include the following three flavors: Dalandan (sweet orange), Calamansi with Honey (a key lime-variant), and Pomelo (grapefruit).

When you first pick up the can, the graphics and logo are well designed, guaranteed to catch the buyer’s eye.  The drinks themselves are what a soda admirer would call natural.

Quite sweet, and yet virtually devoid of any artificiality.  They seem to utilize the natural juices of the fruits to make this soda an interesting take and makes you think twice of the flavored drinks we have stateside.  Ignoring the carbonation one might think they are just drinking normal juice and not soda.  The smell is quite impressible, just like fruit that is freshly picked,  further adding to the illusion.

Though they are a rare find, it is well worth the effort to try these; very well made for the consumer who finds the taste of the average soda too manufactured and lacking the legitimacy of their namesake.  About a dollar and a half, what have you got to lose?


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