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chewing gum gets more interesting


Kracie Holdings has introduced a new chewing gum to the Japanese market which it claims can help consumers feel fuller for longer. Marketed under the brand name Kracie Kobara Pitari Gum, the product’s active ingredient is konjac powder, which swells 200 times in the stomach to induce the feeling of fullness. The gum, which comes in grapefruit soda flavor, also contains dietary fiber derived from sugar cane as an additional satiety ingredient. Satiety is becoming big business in the food industry, and a gum-based product could well appeal to consumers.

Another chewing gum product has been introduced in the UK by Mayan Rainforest. Touted as the first certified organic, 100% natural and biodegradable chewing gum, Chicza gum is said to contain 40% organic gum base, organic sweeteners and natural flavors. What differentiates this gum from others, however, is the fact that it claims to biodegrade completely within a few weeks. This could be a huge benefit to commercial operations that have to deal with chewing gum left behind by consumers.

The art of Maurizio Savini employs pink chewing gum as the main material for creating stunning sculptures.



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