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Sandwich Maker Offers Hottest Desk-Restaurant In Town


If you’re tired of the same old lunch routine, break out of your noon-time grind with new Oscar Meyer Deli Creations Focaccia Sandwiches. These restaurant-inspired sandwiches from the Madison Wis.-based Oscar Mayer division of Kraft Foods Inc. will turn your desk into a four-star desk-taurant.

Available in the refrigerated meat case, varieties include: Tuscan-Style Chicken, Parmesan Basil Turkey, Steakhouse Beef and Pepper Jack and Bistro Ham and Provolone. Each comes complete with everything you need to make a hot and melty sandwich in less than a microwave minute, including deli meats, specialty sauces, natural cheeses and oven-baked herb bread.

As part of a Kraft Foods goal to eliminate 150 million lbs. of packaging materials by 2011, packaging for each Deli Creations sandwich was reduced by 30 percent while keeping the same amount of product inside. This effort will reduce landfill contribution by 1 million lbs. and CO2 emissions by 282 tons in 2009. Also the shipping container that retail stores receive with Deli Creations Focaccia Sandwiches is recyclable, as is the outer carton that consumers purchase.


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