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Twix Java

By Chris Sweda

Twix Java

Manufactured by Mars Incorporated

Rating: Hated it(Dumpster Food)

Sorry for the brief period of silence but Snack Attack will now go back to our regularly scheduled reviews of food, drink and convenience store mayhem,

Our first victim of this year is Twix Java.  My first experience with this product was at this year;s Comic Con international.  I had some snacks I had picked up from a local convenience store and Twix bars are fantastic to have around.  In my deluded hunger, I rushed to open this delectable morsel while waiting for the next panel. 

It looked good; a chocolate covered bar with a strong coffee smell.  Then I bit into it.  It was the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth; well one of the worst.  It was like eating day old coffee grounds that were disguised in rich milk chocolate.  I don’t care what people say but not everything is good dipped in chocolate.  I tried to wash the bitter taste down with some of my energy drink but it just worsened. 

The average person will pay about  two dollars for this limited edition snack and I have to say “Good Ridance to bad rubbish!”  They could not pay me to eat this stuff again.  Next time just follow Kit Kat’s example and leave the coffee to the coffee people.


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