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Food Fight: Snapple Sweet Tea VS Arizona Sweet Tea

By Chris Sweda

Competitor stats

Name: Snapple sweet tea                     Name: Arizona sweet tea 

Wight: 16 FL OZ                                               Wight: 16 FL OZ

Price: 0.79                                                      Price: 0.99

     It was a close fight between the competitors. Snapple sweet tea came out strong in the first with twenty cents less than the competitor. Then  came in with a refreshing punch of sweetness followed by a mild tea flavor combo in the first. In the end Snapple sweet tea would finish weak in the third, Though the flavors were good it still had a watered down taste in the end that would cost Snapple sweet tea the match. Arizona sweet tea, the underdog of the match that was  twenty cents higher, came out to be big winner of the fight. Arizona sweet tea came into the fight well-rounded, with both equal sweetness and tea flavor. The winning blow came in the third with the taste.  There is just something about the smoothness that comes from Arizona sweet tea. The best way I can say it is Arizona sweet tea has the kind of flavors that remind you of sitting on the porch on a warm summer night watching the lighting bugs dancing down by the creek. In the end it just goes to show you that when you pay more, you get more.


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