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Joe’s is Truly Passionate About Pizza


5583 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.    
San Diego, CA 92117

By Chris Sweda

If your  pizza lover there should be 3 things that should matter to you: A good crust, a flavorful sauce, and fresh ingredients.  The final product has to retain it’s flavor until you take that first bite.  Joe’s Pizza is a great venue which is conveniently located off the 805 in the Clairemont area. The interior is clean , very spacious and family friendly. There are tv’s throughout the restaurant which are usually either broadcasting  current sports events  or the NTN buzztime games.

Joe’s Vast menu offers customers a selection from BBQ chicken pizza to the traditional margarita(fresh tomato slices, ricotta cheese and fresh basil). For those of you who aren’t feeling the pizza urge they offer other selections  like Salads, Hoagies, Pastas, and Chicken/ribs. A specialty on their menu is their variety of desert pizzas which include, an Apple pie pizza, and my personal favorite, the canoli pizza. Joe’s also has great deals such as a lunch and dinner buffets which customers  can pay one price and eat as much pizza salad soup and pasta as well as refillable drinks. During these buffets there may be special items and pizzas which are not listed in the menu such as a spaghetti and meatball pizza or even a ravioli pizza. 

The thing that sold me the most about Joe’s pizza,  other than the food was Joe. Joe was very Knowledgeable about his food and has even tested his pizza recipes against other major pizza outlets such as, California Pizza kitchen, Bronx pizza, and Pizza Hut. Joe is constantly working on new recipes in his kitchen. His Customer service skills were great. He is friendly; constantly asking if there was anything we needed, and most importantly, he cares about your dining experience.

Joe is also an active member in the community . He offers meals to the homeless as well as donates to worthy charitable causes.

Give Joe’s pizza a try. it is definitely a stop  if you’re passionate about pizza. if you like your experience vote for him in the link below for the 10 news Alist.

. Click here to vote  


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