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Snapple Mint Tea

By Ramenrider

Manufacturer: Snapple Beverage Corp

Rating: Hated It !

I found this bottle at a convenience store and was quite delighted to see a mint flavored tea.  On a hot day this would be a great drink cold and thinking of the cooling mint taste just seemed fitting in the current 80 degree weather I was experiencing.  I decided to go for it and purchase it since it was ice cold and I was really thirsty. 

The bottle wasn’t really exciting just a clear glass bottle with the Snapple logo.  The artwork reminded me of a design on a dollar bill.  The clear brown liquid was cold and when I unscrewed the top only the strong scent of mint filled the air.

The first taste threw me off.  It was similar to eating or drinking something after you brush your teeth.  There was that strong taste of mint that reminded me more of Pepto Bismol than Snapple tea.  I am usually open to these new flavor combinations but I really can’t think of anything I would want to eat with this nor would I advise anyone to.

Snapple mint may look like a million bucks, but unless you have a bad stomach ache or you like medicinal (and I do mean medicinal) flavored foods and drinks, steer clear of this one.

A typical bottle would cost anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00 but I won’t pay anything.


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