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Drink of the Week: Cheerwine


by Angie Quidim


Category: Soda

Rating: Cherrybliss  5/5

The orgins of Cheerwine come from humble North Carolina.  In 1917, a general store owner in Salisbury, created a refreshing sparkling soda with a wild cherry taste.  This started the long tradition known as Cheerwine; the fantastic cherry soft drink.

Where can you find this delectable brew?  This soda usually is available regionally (east coast) and available in 2 liters, cans and glass bottles.  The soda can be found in most beverage outlets (BEVmO!), online  stores  and soda specialty shops.

Enough about the history.  How does this taste?

Think of a tall glass with ice and pouring in that dark carmel colored cherry goodness.   The faint hint of cherry will hit your sense pretty quick as the sparkling effervecent liquid touches your lips and boom.  Cherry bomb!  This isn’t like a cherry coke its more like a sweet cherry carmel  (there is only a slight hint of carmel overtone).

 Here are some videos that this company has put out to promote this soda!

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Bear Dance Off

Cheerwine Kids


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