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Drink of the Week: Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer

by Angie Quidim


Category: Soda

Rating: Sugary flatness  2/5

Dad’s Root Beer was developed in Chicago around 1937.  This unique flavorful root beer’s only rival was the root beer produced by the A&W company.  Originally, this soda was marketed in different sizes.  The “Dad” size was the largest (a half gallon bottle).  The quart size was referred to as the “Mama” size.  The junior size came in either 7 or 10 ounce bottles that were sold in six packs. 

This brand of root beer is still marketed the same way it was years ago.  The bottle still sports the same blue and yellow label with red and yellow lettering.  The soda is still available in a variety of sizes including 12 ounce cans.  The liquid is a dark caramel color; the kind that absorbs light with its sugary goodness.  The smell is quite strong of licorice, sasparilla, and of course sweet sugar.  It smells just like other hand crafted root beers.

If you pour this soda over ice and taste it the flavor is quite the opposite of the smell.  It’s pretty sugary but flat.  If you get the plastic bottled version you need to drink it all that day as it does not retain its carbonation.  The glass bottle version should be effervecent but it doesn’t really have the bite that you would expect from a home made rootbeer and it doesn’t have that much of a vanilla creamy flavor either.  It was pretty dissapointing if you are passionate about your root beer.  If you like root beer but not the sharp bite then definitely have a go at this one.  If you like that nice bubbly sugary bite from a well brewed root beer you might want to pass this one up.

Dad’s root beer can be found in a multitude of products: root beer barrel candy, t shirts, glasses, etc…  This nostalgic drink has found its way into the hearts of the American public.  The soda was  even featured in a billboard in the feature film “The Stranger” in 1964 and was also marketed to American G.I.’s as the preferred root beer in the military.


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