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Did Fast food kill the family dinner?

By Chris Sweda

In this fast past world of we live in what ever happened to the family dinner? Now I’m not talking about getting in the car and going to HomeTown buffet or zapping a TV dinner at home. I’m talking about fresh easy meals, the kind of meals were you can sit down and talk with your loved ones about your day over good food. I’ll tell you what I think happened. We become so busy in our lives that we forgot the most important thing in the world and that is to slow down and don’t let life pass you buy. We move so fast in life, that we rely on fast food and take-out to fill our need for a making our own family dinner.
See with fast food meals let’s say for example a number twelve from a chicken joint. This meal will consist of 24 pieces of chicken, 4 large sides and 12 biscuits. It may only take thirty minutes or so to get “depending on the line,” but ask yourself this do you really know what’s going into your food, two how long has that food been sitting around and finally is that food really that hard to make at home.
Now you might say that fast food is the only way to get a quick meal, but I tell you my friends you would be wrong. With the time and money you spent on that number twelve you could have a little healthier meal for less. This is the beauty of per packaged food you can get at you locale store. Not TV dinners but pre fried chicken that all you have to do is throw it in the oven for ten to twelve minutes and you got fried chicken which was backed which means less grease, for the sides there are tons of options ranging from steam and mash potatoes to minute rice pilaf, and finally pick you’re self up a bag of dinner frozen biscuits throw them in the oven with your chicken and in five to ten minutes you have you biscuits. In about 25 minutes you got a better meal then the drive thru.
In the end I think 30% of family related problem can be eliminated just by having a family meal. Think about it when do you talk to your kids about what’s going on in there life’s, if we were to just slow down and have a meal together would can ask them how they are. Family dinners give use a place to not just think about use but rather slow down and notice what’s going on around use and in are families.


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