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Doritos Sour Cream & Onion

By Sean McQuillan

This “limited edition” flavor comes packaged with the retro design for the bags that takes me back to my youth in the 80s.   While not an unusual chip flavor, it’s not one I’ve seen from Doritos in a very longtime, and its retro packaging certainly accentuated that.

Not pictured: My youthful disregard for future me's waistline.

So how’s it taste?   To be honest, if you put it in a bowl and told me it was Cool Ranch Doritos I probably wouldn’t know otherwise.  If you’re really looking for it you can taste the onion, but all in all it’s a good tasting, but not very distinct, flavor.  Give it a try and you can’t go wrong unless the name goes against your sensibilities, and if you remember these from your youth, definitely give em a try again.


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