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Green Spot Salad Company

By Sean McQuillan

I didn’t really trip over myself with excitement at the idea of trying this place, but since my New Years’ resolution was to eat healthier I had to give it a try.  You know what?  I’m glad I did.

You want what on your salad? Ham?? Hmm, that can happen.

Looking somewhat akin to a Subway Sandwich shop, where instead of mediocre toppings you had a whole Farmer’s Market of fresh and delicious options behind the counter.  It has a couple base prices for things, and you choose your own on toppings on top of that, like a healthy Coldstones.

You'll never be able to be with Subway without thinking of us, and that's just not fair to her.

With a bevy of delicious salad options, I still managed to get something else. I got a baked potato, a baked potato with a real cheese topping, bacon, and broccoli.  Maybe the bacon wasn’t the healthiest choice, but this was certainly a delicious one.  They get a hearty recommendation from me for using some of the freshest ingredients I’ve seen, and for not having a price tag that would break the bank like some similar places.  If they’re in your area, check them out!


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