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About Us

About Snack Attack

You’ve got the munchies or heard about a new soft drink in the market but you are not sure what’s gooing to happen if you take that first step. Let us try it for you.  We look for the newest craze or energy drink item from every part of the world.  If you don’t see it here drop us a line and we will try it for you.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Snack Attack team or just want to let us know something we should try out, contact us at the information below.

Snack Attack 

The Testmarket Evolution

Angie Quidim

Director of PR Food/Beverage Division





About TME 

TME (The Testmarket Evolution) is about people informing other people about what is entertaining to them.  TME community members can share what they see, hear and experience.  We make that accessible to the entire community through blogs, video and podcasts. We are dedicated to bringing information to the public that isn’t tainted by some paid professional writer who reads press releases or watches one movie and calls it an accurate assessment. We let the public decide on what is buzzworthy and what is not.   We try to introduce people to what certain things are and give them a baby step approach to things like Manga, First Person Shooters or even a Foreign Film.





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