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Bacon Milkshake: at Jack In The Box

source: huffingtonpost

Tired of going to the trouble of making your own bacon milkshakes at home? You’re in luck — as long as you don’t live in the Northeast or Midwest. Eater reports that Jack in the Box, which has 2100 locations in 19 states, is adding a bacon milkshake to its menu for as part of its new “Marry Bacon” ad campaign. read more here


Holiday Treats: Vanilla Cinnamon Eggnog

By Sean McQuillan

I know it’s not Christmas quite yet, but I got a wicked hankering for some Eggnog this last week.  Having lived in Utah for several years I had gotten used to Eggnog being so rich you had to cut it with milk, so I was prepared as I scoured my local grocer.  That’s when I was greeted with this.


I couldn’t pass it up, especially being on sale for only $1.25 at my local VONS.  When I got home with my prize and a quart of milk, just in case, I hardly waited for a festive occasion before busting out a glass. So enough narrative, How is it?

It’s great!  It certainly doesn’t need to be mixed with Milk to be good.  I’m beginning to suspect most Eggnog in California won’t be quite as rich as I got accustomed to in Utah, but this blend is delicious.  The vanilla gives is a smooth creamy taste while the cinnamon gives it just a hint of spice.  If you can get this at your local grocer, I say give it a try.

I’m off to the store now to sample one of their other flavors, Pumpkin Spice Eggnog.  Stay tuned!

A New Beer Called “Chick Beer”

source: Star941fm

There’s a new beer brand called CHICK BEER which calls itself the, quote, “only beer brand designed for women.” It’s made in Maryland and, for now, it doesn’t appear to be available anywhere BUT Maryland . . .

read more here

Body Armor Launches in San Diego


Already distributed in several markets along the West Coast, Body Armor, a new highly functional beverage, recently launched in San Diego. As the company is planning for a nationwide rollout by the end of this year, company founder Lance Collins said that he hopes that the city will become a model market for Body Armor, one whose young and active population best reflects the image of the brand.

San Diego International Beer Festival


Mark your calendars for the fifth annual San Diego International Beer Festival, which will happen during the 2011 San Diego County Fair on June 24-26.

In just five short years, the San Diego International Beer Festival has become one of the largest in the country, with more than 150 breweries and 350 beers from around the world. In 2010, 15 states and 22 countries participated in the festival.

Dates, Times, Ticket Information

Date: Friday-Sunday, June 24-26, 2011
Time: Friday, 5:00-9:00PM;
Saturday (two sessions), 11:00AM-3:00PM or 4:00-8:00PM
Sunday, 1:00-5:00PM
Location: Chevrolet Del Mar Arena
Prices: $45.00 per session, including Fair admission
$32.00 per session, without Fair admission (for those with Fair season passes, for instance), available at the beer festival entrance
These prices include a souvenir tasting cup and a wristband that entitles the wearer to unlimited one-ounce samplings of beer entered in the festival competition. You must be 21 or older to purchase wristband vouchers.
Where to buy tickets: Tickets are on sale at the Fairgrounds Box Office, located on the north side of the Main Parking Lot. Hours are 10:00AM to 6:00PM Tuesday through Saturday. <!– During the Fair, the packages described above are on sale at the Fair’s Concert Ticket Booths. –>Tickets also may be purchased online through Ticketmaster (an extra convenience fee will apply for online purchases).

Snapple Mint Tea

By Ramenrider

Manufacturer: Snapple Beverage Corp

Rating: Hated It !

I found this bottle at a convenience store and was quite delighted to see a mint flavored tea.  On a hot day this would be a great drink cold and thinking of the cooling mint taste just seemed fitting in the current 80 degree weather I was experiencing.  I decided to go for it and purchase it since it was ice cold and I was really thirsty. 

The bottle wasn’t really exciting just a clear glass bottle with the Snapple logo.  The artwork reminded me of a design on a dollar bill.  The clear brown liquid was cold and when I unscrewed the top only the strong scent of mint filled the air.

The first taste threw me off.  It was similar to eating or drinking something after you brush your teeth.  There was that strong taste of mint that reminded me more of Pepto Bismol than Snapple tea.  I am usually open to these new flavor combinations but I really can’t think of anything I would want to eat with this nor would I advise anyone to.

Snapple mint may look like a million bucks, but unless you have a bad stomach ache or you like medicinal (and I do mean medicinal) flavored foods and drinks, steer clear of this one.

A typical bottle would cost anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00 but I won’t pay anything.

Food Fight: Snapple Sweet Tea VS Arizona Sweet Tea

By Chris Sweda

Competitor stats

Name: Snapple sweet tea                     Name: Arizona sweet tea 

Wight: 16 FL OZ                                               Wight: 16 FL OZ

Price: 0.79                                                      Price: 0.99

     It was a close fight between the competitors. Snapple sweet tea came out strong in the first with twenty cents less than the competitor. Then  came in with a refreshing punch of sweetness followed by a mild tea flavor combo in the first. In the end Snapple sweet tea would finish weak in the third, Though the flavors were good it still had a watered down taste in the end that would cost Snapple sweet tea the match. Arizona sweet tea, the underdog of the match that was  twenty cents higher, came out to be big winner of the fight. Arizona sweet tea came into the fight well-rounded, with both equal sweetness and tea flavor. The winning blow came in the third with the taste.  There is just something about the smoothness that comes from Arizona sweet tea. The best way I can say it is Arizona sweet tea has the kind of flavors that remind you of sitting on the porch on a warm summer night watching the lighting bugs dancing down by the creek. In the end it just goes to show you that when you pay more, you get more.

Fred is different. He’s dimensional. He’s engaging and clever


Fred comes from Alpine Springs, which is a mountain spring located in Livingston Manor, New York.

Super low in TDS and a superior rating for nitrates gives Fred his smooth, epicurean characteristic. Also unique to Fred is his charismatic personality and refusal to be defined simply by his chemistry or the geological strata.

Fred is different. He’s dimensional. He’s engaging and clever. Fred loves meeting people and hanging out and has an ergonomic shape that makes him easy to hold and convenient to carry. Some call Fred “the total package”. Fred, however, prefers “friend”.

It’s hard not to spot Fred spring water at the store because its well designed flask shaped bottle stands out from the endless homogenous shapes that surround it. We like its style and like the fact that it’s local, coming from nearby Sullivan county in upstate New York. Fred publishes a weekly online “modern trendzine” called FredSpot which features art and music content that vibe with the hip brand they are trying to create.

Spartan Beverages: For the Warrior in You!

By Angie Quidim

Spartan Beverages

Manufactured by Spartan Beverage Company

Website: Spartan Drink Company

I was surfing the net in search for something cool to start the New Year off with and I found this line of protein flavored waters called Spartan Beverages.  There are 3 that I have tracked down so far and all have really cool names that are bold and daring.  The bottles are branded with a black and either red. blue or pink label. The down side is that the drinks are bitter tasting and have an artificial sweetener after taste.  Here is a break down of the flavors


846051spartanelitewhtbgThe bold and best flavor of the bunch.  The blackberry boost is enough to make your hair stand on end and your muscles quiver with anticipation.  With 160 calories packed into every gulp, this drink will give you the gusto you need to plow into your nearest battle and win.  It is a simple design with a simple logo.  







This beverage is also named the Guava Guardian. It’s bitter and the medicine taste is even stronger in this one.  Out of all the Spartan beverages, this one will put hair on your chest.  Guava has a bit of sweetness.  This one doesn’t  even come close.  It just is strong.  The black and metallic blue print on the label even yells strong.







Also known as Radiant Raspberry, this flavor is available in a sugar free variety for consumers.  The taste is a bit bitter with some artificial sweetener  aftertaste which makes this taste like medicine.  Even on ice this drink is a bit strong for my taste. The bottle is simple and bold with  black and pink text.  






So it’s good if you are expecting a medicine like taste to increase your protein intake and muscle mass.  Other than that it is a so so tasting beverage.  I wouldn’t be able to take its artificial taste everyday even though it brags natural flavor. That just happens to be my preference.  Chemically it is well put together.  If you can get over the taste then its a gem.

Monster Java

by Angie Quidim

Manufacturer : Hansen Beverage Company

Website: Monster Java


It’s coffee and an energy drink all in one. Monster has combined the flavors of our favorite java with the powerful punch of energy.  The greatest thing about this is that for the most part it tastes good. These coffees are available in 8 flavors that would fit anyone’s tastes. You can find most flavors in AMPM’s, 7-11’s and most other popular convenience store chains.

Here is a basic rundown of the flavors


Irish Blend 
Irish coffee energy drink that comes in a green can and it tastes like it has Baileys in it. The packaging is not overly flashy; it has the basic monster emblem   The more you drink the more of the Irish cream you taste.  It seems to be an acquired taste due to its  sweetness and there is a hint of energy flavor in there.  I don’t taste the energy drink side but in tests with others they clearly taste something .One thing is for sure; more than two cans will have you climbing the walls. 

Nut Up
When you compare this to other nut flavored coffee beverages out there it is pretty good.  The coffee flavor has a nice hazel finish to it and the look to the drink is quite creamy like a latte.  It doesn’t have so much of an artificial taste to it.  The drink is packaged in a medium brown can with the Monster emblem on it.  This is one of my favorites because it’s a nice blend and not too sweet flavor.

Lo Bal: 
For carb conscious and sugar watchers this is a good watered down version of Big Black. It still has a creamy consistency but it is definitely watered down.  It is packaged in a white can with the typical monster symbol but definitely not the typical taste.  This is one of the least favorite of monsters sold because of its lack of taste.

Chai Hai
Chai spice with an energy kick, Monster’s attempt at making a chai energy drink is quite successful.  Its light green can holds a nice flavor that is sweet and great cold or hot.  The more you drink the sweeter it gets. It is my second favorite from Monster’s Java Line.

Big Black 
Big Black is one of the three java monsters that were initially introduced.  This is the basic coffee with no additional flavors or colors.  Strong coffee flavor and creamy frothy richness are the adjectives that come to mind when pouring this into a nice tall frosty glass.  Although this is not as strong as a Starbuck’s doubleshot, the price is worth the amount that you get.  It comes in a basic brown can similar to the Loca Moca and Mean Bean. 

This java monster is supposed to remind of a white Russian.  Dressed in a deep red can, the only thing that comes to mind is “where is the Russian part of this coffee drink?”  It tastes too much like the Irish blend and it is quite bland after a couple of sips.  This one is definitely not one of my favorites and you are better off getting one of the other brands. 

Loca Moca
This is the second of the original three flavors of java monster.  This sweet concoction o chocolate, coffee and energy is enough to drive one batty.   There is no energy drink aftertaste; only the sweet sugary substance that can make one crash hard.   The initial energy boost is pleasant and tastes great.  If you are a mocha drinker, you want to get this.

Mean Bean 
If you want a nice sweet vanilla latte, this is it.  Monster perfected the taste without the filling.  It’s coffee, sweet and has energy…. What else do you need to wake yourself up?  There is a good blend of the vanilla flavor and in my opinion better tasting than the Starbucks brand

Yes! These drinks are a definite evolution torward merging the engery drink and coffee drink.. And the value is much better than a four dollar Starbucks.  Pick and choose your flavors and you will get the best boost for your dollar.