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Restaurant reviews

Green Spot Salad Company

By Sean McQuillan

I didn’t really trip over myself with excitement at the idea of trying this place, but since my New Years’ resolution was to eat healthier I had to give it a try.  You know what?  I’m glad I did.

You want what on your salad? Ham?? Hmm, that can happen.

Looking somewhat akin to a Subway Sandwich shop, where instead of mediocre toppings you had a whole Farmer’s Market of fresh and delicious options behind the counter.  It has a couple base prices for things, and you choose your own on toppings on top of that, like a healthy Coldstones.

You'll never be able to be with Subway without thinking of us, and that's just not fair to her.

With a bevy of delicious salad options, I still managed to get something else. I got a baked potato, a baked potato with a real cheese topping, bacon, and broccoli.  Maybe the bacon wasn’t the healthiest choice, but this was certainly a delicious one.  They get a hearty recommendation from me for using some of the freshest ingredients I’ve seen, and for not having a price tag that would break the bank like some similar places.  If they’re in your area, check them out!


McRibs are back!!!!

By Chris Sweda
So today and I saw the most amazing thing! I was driving up to McDonalds and I noticed that my favorite sandwich was back. What is this sandwich that is so amazing? Why that would be the McRib. A pork patty slathered in tangy BBQ sauce topped with crisp onions and pickles placed in-between a soft bun in the word of homer “ahhhhhhh……” it was so good in fact upon taking my first bite my nose started to bleed I was so happy granted this would happen in my moint of joy, but results of joy may vary . I toped the meal off with a large diet Dr. Pepper it truly was heaven what a great day. Stop by your local McDonald and get your McRib today.

San Diego Restaurant Week Sept 18-23rd

By Angie Quidim







If you are foodie and you want to visit all the big name restaurants in San Diego but don’t really have the bank roll to do so, this is the time to do it. Sunday September 18th kicks off the first day of San Diego Restaurant week.  During this week you are able to go to 180 restaurants with prefixed menus that start at 20 dollars and go all the way up to 40 dollars per meal.  Choose from restaurants such as the Marine Room, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Roppongi, and many other names for only a fraction of the price.   This time around some restaurants will be serving a special lunch menu.  This is a great way to experiment with new places and its incredibly affordable. 

How does one participate? Simply make reservations or walk into one of these fine establishments and dine in.  You will be amazed at the selctions. Ruth Chris serves a selection of appetizers, a hearty portion of steak, fish or chicken, and a wonderful dessert for 40 dollars!  You can include a delicious wine pairing with every meal for an additional 20 dollars.  For a complete list and menu just check out their website www.sandiegorestaurantweek.com


We will be reviewing some of the restaurants that will be participating in this event.. Stay tuned!!

Joe’s is Truly Passionate About Pizza


5583 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.    
San Diego, CA 92117

By Chris Sweda

If your  pizza lover there should be 3 things that should matter to you: A good crust, a flavorful sauce, and fresh ingredients.  The final product has to retain it’s flavor until you take that first bite.  Joe’s Pizza is a great venue which is conveniently located off the 805 in the Clairemont area. The interior is clean , very spacious and family friendly. There are tv’s throughout the restaurant which are usually either broadcasting  current sports events  or the NTN buzztime games.

Joe’s Vast menu offers customers a selection from BBQ chicken pizza to the traditional margarita(fresh tomato slices, ricotta cheese and fresh basil). For those of you who aren’t feeling the pizza urge they offer other selections  like Salads, Hoagies, Pastas, and Chicken/ribs. A specialty on their menu is their variety of desert pizzas which include, an Apple pie pizza, and my personal favorite, the canoli pizza. Joe’s also has great deals such as a lunch and dinner buffets which customers  can pay one price and eat as much pizza salad soup and pasta as well as refillable drinks. During these buffets there may be special items and pizzas which are not listed in the menu such as a spaghetti and meatball pizza or even a ravioli pizza. 

The thing that sold me the most about Joe’s pizza,  other than the food was Joe. Joe was very Knowledgeable about his food and has even tested his pizza recipes against other major pizza outlets such as, California Pizza kitchen, Bronx pizza, and Pizza Hut. Joe is constantly working on new recipes in his kitchen. His Customer service skills were great. He is friendly; constantly asking if there was anything we needed, and most importantly, he cares about your dining experience.

Joe is also an active member in the community . He offers meals to the homeless as well as donates to worthy charitable causes.

Give Joe’s pizza a try. it is definitely a stop  if you’re passionate about pizza. if you like your experience vote for him in the link below for the 10 news Alist.

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