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Food Truck Spotlight

MIHO Gastrotruck

By Angie Quidim


Primary Location: San Diego, CA

Rating: 4 Tanks of Gas  (pretty valuable these days)

Food theme: Gourmet /Organic/Seasonal Fare/Latin Flavor

The MIHO truck has an ecclectic menu using fresh local ingredients of the season.  If you don’t mind a gourmet flair with your everyday comfort foods, MIHO has a menu that is right up your alley.  Their menu changes weekly so there is always something fresh to try. I was fortunate to catch up with MIHO in the Sorrento Valley/Mira Mesa Area

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The food varied in flavor and texture.  I am a texture eater myself and had some issues with the potato croquettes.  There were kind of soggy and the filling left a wierd feeling in my mouth.  There definitely were some latin undertones but the texture really got to me.  I tried the Cheeseburger and folks this is one you have to try!  Try to imagine a big toasted brioche bun with a harrisa aioli (fancy name for home made mayonaise), fresh crisp butter lettuce, carmelized onions, white creamy melted cheddar on a freshly cooked organic ground beef patty.  This thing made my mouth happy and it will fill you despite the size.  Waffle fries are also available for an additional fee.   If you go on their website, it lists their locations and upcoming events. 

Be sure to check this food truck out and check out more on our Foodtruck Spotlight!


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