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Brownie Eggs: Delicious Food Science

By Sean McQuillan

Do you love to cook and are looking for a new creative recipe for this holiday season?  Check out La Receta de la Felicidad (The Recipe of Happiness) for this amazing and delectable recipe.  Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish, you can scroll down to find the recipe in English.   Hungry yet?


Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill-Fryer

By Sean McQuillan

There is not much better than hanging out with your friends grilling up food.  When my friends and I get together we get out the BBQ, for burgers and hotdogs, the skillet, for bacon and more bacon, and the fryer for onion rings and cheese sticks.  Afterward the kitchen and grill area is pretty much a mess, and we just stare at the mess as we slip into delicious food comas.

Well apparently we weren’t alone in this problem, and now Blacktop 360 has the solution.  One grill, with a built in fryer, griddle, and even a warming plate.

The fryer can hold 20 oz of oil, and if you don’t feel like frying you could easily use it for chili.  The grill, the HELLFIRE infrared grill to be precise, goes up to 11 Spinal Tap style to cook up to 650 degrees.  Griddle, perfect for bacon or sausage, and a perfect compliment to the fryer.  Topping it off is the warming plate where you can keep things hot without drying them out like a grill would.

The whole thing is portable, making it perfect for tailgating or the beach, and runs about $250.  If you love to grill on the go, this is for you.

Oh, and in case you think it’s too good to be true, here’s video proof!

Licorice Flix Opening!

While LA is a movie town, characters from the big screen have never been immortalized quite like this! Artist JASON MECIER has chosen some of his favorite icons from the silver screen, creating large-scale portraits made exclusively out of Red Vines! Yes, that’s right! Every piece of art hanging on the walls of the gallery is an edible movie mosaic, comprised entirely of that favorite theatre snack. We invite you to come out and enjoy this celebration of Hollywood and all its popcorn stars, featuring odes to: Harry Potter, Charlie Chaplin, Willy Wonka, Freddy Krueger, E.T., Showgirls, Twin Peaks… and others!

Licorice Flix
Edible Movie Mosaics
by Jason Mecier
Opening Reception
Friday, November 4
7 to 10pm
(Click Here for Facebook Invite)
(Show runs until Nov. 13)
Free Admission
Drinks will be served
2147 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Pumpkin Spiced Mallow!

By Angie Quidim

I was trolling my facebook page and lo and behold I saw someone post this decadent confection. PUMPKIN SPICED MALLOWS.  I just had to get a hold of this treat and boy I am glad that I did. 

This wonderful altered marshmallow was designed by Kraft foods witht he holidays in mind. It’s slightly orange color and soft powdery texture make it a great tood to use in baked goods and other treats.

This stuff is food of the gods.  Its a nice soft pillowy marshmallow of dynamic proportions.  There is a nice hint of cinnamon and nutmeg and melting this baby over the fire does wonders to it.  Placing one of these puffs of pumpkin goodness will make any hot chocolate a sweet treat.  Also if you stick one of these in a microwave on a buttered microwave safe plate for about a minute you get this nice taffy like concoction.

Make sure you hit this one this holiday season.  It definitely is one of those seasonal foods to keep an eye out for!

McRibs are back!!!!

By Chris Sweda
So today and I saw the most amazing thing! I was driving up to McDonalds and I noticed that my favorite sandwich was back. What is this sandwich that is so amazing? Why that would be the McRib. A pork patty slathered in tangy BBQ sauce topped with crisp onions and pickles placed in-between a soft bun in the word of homer “ahhhhhhh……” it was so good in fact upon taking my first bite my nose started to bleed I was so happy granted this would happen in my moint of joy, but results of joy may vary . I toped the meal off with a large diet Dr. Pepper it truly was heaven what a great day. Stop by your local McDonald and get your McRib today.

Did Fast food kill the family dinner?

By Chris Sweda

In this fast past world of we live in what ever happened to the family dinner? Now I’m not talking about getting in the car and going to HomeTown buffet or zapping a TV dinner at home. I’m talking about fresh easy meals, the kind of meals were you can sit down and talk with your loved ones about your day over good food. I’ll tell you what I think happened. We become so busy in our lives that we forgot the most important thing in the world and that is to slow down and don’t let life pass you buy. We move so fast in life, that we rely on fast food and take-out to fill our need for a making our own family dinner.
See with fast food meals let’s say for example a number twelve from a chicken joint. This meal will consist of 24 pieces of chicken, 4 large sides and 12 biscuits. It may only take thirty minutes or so to get “depending on the line,” but ask yourself this do you really know what’s going into your food, two how long has that food been sitting around and finally is that food really that hard to make at home.
Now you might say that fast food is the only way to get a quick meal, but I tell you my friends you would be wrong. With the time and money you spent on that number twelve you could have a little healthier meal for less. This is the beauty of per packaged food you can get at you locale store. Not TV dinners but pre fried chicken that all you have to do is throw it in the oven for ten to twelve minutes and you got fried chicken which was backed which means less grease, for the sides there are tons of options ranging from steam and mash potatoes to minute rice pilaf, and finally pick you’re self up a bag of dinner frozen biscuits throw them in the oven with your chicken and in five to ten minutes you have you biscuits. In about 25 minutes you got a better meal then the drive thru.
In the end I think 30% of family related problem can be eliminated just by having a family meal. Think about it when do you talk to your kids about what’s going on in there life’s, if we were to just slow down and have a meal together would can ask them how they are. Family dinners give use a place to not just think about use but rather slow down and notice what’s going on around use and in are families.

The Guild Jones Soda Pack

by Angie Quidim

Yes we already know it.  Food and gaming go hand in hand like an old couple staring off into the sunset.  To prove it, Jones has created “The Guild” 6 pack.  This delightful soda collection includes all 6 members of your favorite webshow.



Vork Green Apple












Codex Strawberry Lime












Bladezz Cola













Clara Berry, Tinkerballa Grape, and Zaboo Blue Bubble Gum.   Even though these are nothing more than the usual Jones Flavor’s with specially crafted labels, the company recognizes who their target markets are.  The cast is playfully depicted with each flavor.  Kudos for Jones thinking about the gamer folk!

Doritos Creator Dies

source: tmz

Arch West — the 97-year-old ex-Frito-Lay legend — died last week, and his daughter announced the family plans on “tossing Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the urn” when he is buried.

read more here

San Diego Restaurant Week Sept 18-23rd

By Angie Quidim







If you are foodie and you want to visit all the big name restaurants in San Diego but don’t really have the bank roll to do so, this is the time to do it. Sunday September 18th kicks off the first day of San Diego Restaurant week.  During this week you are able to go to 180 restaurants with prefixed menus that start at 20 dollars and go all the way up to 40 dollars per meal.  Choose from restaurants such as the Marine Room, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Roppongi, and many other names for only a fraction of the price.   This time around some restaurants will be serving a special lunch menu.  This is a great way to experiment with new places and its incredibly affordable. 

How does one participate? Simply make reservations or walk into one of these fine establishments and dine in.  You will be amazed at the selctions. Ruth Chris serves a selection of appetizers, a hearty portion of steak, fish or chicken, and a wonderful dessert for 40 dollars!  You can include a delicious wine pairing with every meal for an additional 20 dollars.  For a complete list and menu just check out their website www.sandiegorestaurantweek.com


We will be reviewing some of the restaurants that will be participating in this event.. Stay tuned!!

Drink of the Week: Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer

by Angie Quidim


Category: Soda

Rating: Sugary flatness  2/5

Dad’s Root Beer was developed in Chicago around 1937.  This unique flavorful root beer’s only rival was the root beer produced by the A&W company.  Originally, this soda was marketed in different sizes.  The “Dad” size was the largest (a half gallon bottle).  The quart size was referred to as the “Mama” size.  The junior size came in either 7 or 10 ounce bottles that were sold in six packs. 

This brand of root beer is still marketed the same way it was years ago.  The bottle still sports the same blue and yellow label with red and yellow lettering.  The soda is still available in a variety of sizes including 12 ounce cans.  The liquid is a dark caramel color; the kind that absorbs light with its sugary goodness.  The smell is quite strong of licorice, sasparilla, and of course sweet sugar.  It smells just like other hand crafted root beers.

If you pour this soda over ice and taste it the flavor is quite the opposite of the smell.  It’s pretty sugary but flat.  If you get the plastic bottled version you need to drink it all that day as it does not retain its carbonation.  The glass bottle version should be effervecent but it doesn’t really have the bite that you would expect from a home made rootbeer and it doesn’t have that much of a vanilla creamy flavor either.  It was pretty dissapointing if you are passionate about your root beer.  If you like root beer but not the sharp bite then definitely have a go at this one.  If you like that nice bubbly sugary bite from a well brewed root beer you might want to pass this one up.

Dad’s root beer can be found in a multitude of products: root beer barrel candy, t shirts, glasses, etc…  This nostalgic drink has found its way into the hearts of the American public.  The soda was  even featured in a billboard in the feature film “The Stranger” in 1964 and was also marketed to American G.I.’s as the preferred root beer in the military.